Calypso is an inhabitant of the Shoreline region of Emory Haven, recent in her relocation from the San Francisco, Bay Area. She is a single busy-body known for her boisterous, girlish nature and only ever introducing herself by her common use name, 'Caly'. 

Caly has a modest but self-sustaining online craft and restoration business where she specializes in hand-made and refurbished goods (particularly jewelry, keepsakes). She works by day as a stylist and nail tech at Love Salon and serves and tends per diem at Stronghold Bar.

She is a frequent sight in Old Town, along the Shoreline and in Silver Point and is often spied with an umbrella on particularly sunny days. 

Caly is a member of The Batiste Bloodline, a family with a long history tied to practitioners of Louisiana Voodoo with strong Haitian Vodou callbacks. Though she has not personally delved into the world of Voodoo, Caly respects and even practices some of its more mundane aspects - even if she won't acknowledge that it's 'real'.

Connections[edit | edit source]

Want to be connected? Interact with Caly in-world or via off-platform play to make a lasting impression! While it may take more than one interaction to get here, any ol' run in is a good start!

Willow Benson - A spitfire with the efficiency like I've never seen. The boss's right hand. She's somethin' to watch, if you're into that sorta' thing.

Melissa Paterson - Thing One; the second chair. She colors like nobody's business, but I'm pretty sure her standard pitch could be used as a weapon if listened to over long periods of time.

Jannette Wheaton - Thing Two; the third chair. She has the largest collection of shears I've ever seen, and somehow, they all seem to make the same couple of haircuts.

Hannah Wicked - Never a dull moment; she's the only person that ends up in stranger situations than I do. And somehow, there I am, helpin' her push mattress that are like cats up stairs.

Ellery Breen - No inhibition, no fear; Shoulda known that you were trouble, cause perfect doesn't stumble. And now I'm stuck. But I like it. Here's to 'going with the flow'.  

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