Character Roster[edit | edit source]

This roster will be updated and revised periodically and as characters and pages become accessible; please be patient and feel free to let us know on the Discord if a relevant page is missing![edit | edit source]


Calypso Batiste

Mattieu Batiste

Bethany Breen

Bryn Breen

Kit Breen (NPC)

Marty Breen (NPC)

Naomi Breen

Nathan Breen (Deceased, NPC)

Heather Benson (NPC)

Willow Benson (NPC)

Paris Bryant

Taranava Direwytch

Steffano Greys

Maudlen Lee (NPC)

Daniella Moreau

Melissa Paterson (NPC)

Amara Revven

Katerina J. Rose

Tinashae "Shae" Rowland

Shay Silverfall

Jannette Wheaton (NPC)

Hannah Wicked


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