Maudlen "Moony" Lee is a ten-year local to Emory Haven, known to live in the Old Town area very near to the restaurant he manages, Voodoo Burger. He is a quiet man by nature, and considered rather mundane by most who know of him, though very few can claim to know him well outside of the Creole-cookin' inspired eatery.

It is sometimes presumed that he goes by 'Moony' for his habit of becoming easily distracted during the course of tasks or conversations and behaving a bit like a 'space cadet'. Others still will say it's more likely because he hasn't stopped suffering from teenage acne well into his thirties.

Personality & Distinguishing Traits Edit

Maudlen follows standard or open NPC rule, meaning that you are free to interact with and even post in part as the character to enhance your personal RP. Because this character has a 'set personality', please try to keep any interactions or reactions from the NPC within his known traits!

  • Discerning
  • Quiet/Reserved
  • Even-tempered
  • Humble
  • Client-Eccentric - "The Customer is Always Right!"
  • Mild-mannered
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