Melissa is young stylist and life-long resident of Oregon just a few years into her career in Emory Haven. She is currently working under Stylist and FX Artist Ellery Breen as a second chair at Love Salon, focusing her work whenever possible on color, grooming and styling, in that order.

Mel is known for having a bit of a short fuse and fudging the truth just a little. But what's the harm in a 'couplea little white lies? She is often found exploring the local bar scene and roaming Old Town and Silverpoint by night with her partner in crime and co-worker, Jannette Wheaton.

Personality & Distinguishing Traits Edit

Mel follows standard or open NPC rule, meaning that you are free to interact with and even post in part as the character to enhance your personal RP. Because this character has a 'set personality', please try to keep any interactions or reactions from the NPC within her known traits!

  • Stand-offish
  • Hot-Headed
  • Exaggeration Prone
  • Passively Flirtatious

Voice: Edit

Mel has a naturally high-pitched voice that boarders on helium-enhanced during emotional exchanges, particularly laughter and anger. It is commonly categorized as unappealing or otherwise annoying when in full swing, though, during normal conversation, she is quite practiced at keeping the worst of it masked.

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