Also known as the Lunae Circle, this coven is one of the oldest in Emory Haven, having been passed down through the Breen family for generations.

Leadership Edit

Current Edit

The leader, or Doyen of the coven is currently Bryn Breen. Bryn inherited the coven quite recently.

Past Edit

The Grans, Marty and Kit Breen were the prior leaders of the coven and have recently handed down the responsibility to their grand daughter in order to be able to take a backseat and retire themselves to a cottage slightly outside city limits. The pair currently also own the Crystal Moon magic shop in town and keep an eye out for any misplaced or growing magic that has not yet been put on a guided path.

The Academy Edit

The Mysterium Lunae Covina thought it best to build a place where young witches and students of the craft might learn and develop their skills. Today, the Lunae Magic Academy educates students as young as 10 up through adulthood on the mystical arts.

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